Arctic Hayes COA2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Arctic Hayes COA2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Alarm Features:

  • Loud 85db audio alert.
  • 3 Visual readouts : Power = Green, Alarm = Red, Fault =Amber.
  • Advanced 6 year CO sensor.
  • Test/silence button.
  • Portable, free-standing or mountable.
  • Certified to EN 50291-1:2010
  • Sealed for life battery.

Carbon Monoxide

The consequences of a carbon monoxide or gas leak at home can be disastrous. Every year there are deaths and injuries in houses all over the World that could have been avoided with the installation of easy to use and cost effective gas detection equipment from Honeywell Analytics.

What is CO?
Carbon monoxide (CO), commonly termed “The Silent Killer” is a highly poisonous gas produced by any fossil fuel burning appliance (eg, gas, coal, diesel, oil, wood, etc.) and has no smell, taste or colour.

Where does it come from?
It can leak from flues and cooking & heating appliances when they have been poorly maintained or simply break down.

Inadequate ventilation or blocked flues are frequently to blame but even adverse weather conditions have been the reason behind leaks that proved fatal. Leaks can be caused by many potential sources and are not always directly related to an appliance malfunction.

Modern housing insulation techniques, such as double-glazed windows, can exaggerate a problem by effectively creating an airtight environment.

What does it do?
When we breathe in air, vital oxygen is absorbed by the blood and transported around our body. Blood contains a special substance called “haemoglobin” which is used to carry the oxygen.

Unfortunately, haemoglobin will carry carbon monoxide in preference to oxygen. When we breathe in air containing carbon monoxide, the carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen and in effect, we suffocate from the inside.

It can kill quickly when it leaks in large quantities or can build up over a period of time, initially causing symptoms such as headaches, nausea and dizziness.

These are often incorrectly diagnosed by the medical profession as flu. Ultimately, if the brain does not get sufficient oxygen, carbon monoxide will cause death.

How many people are affected by CO poisoning?
All humans and animals are at risk from CO poisoning. No one is immune.

ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) report around 200 deaths in the UK each year and investigations suggest that the real number is significantly higher with many more non-fatal incidents.

Experts believe those most at risk are young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with respiratory problems.

How can you tell if someone is suffering from CO poisoning?
It is very difficult to diagnose CO poisoning because of its similarity to other illnesses such as flu. However, asking yourself the following questions may help:

  1. Are others in the home/boat/caravan feeling ill as well?
  2. When you leave the home/boat/caravan for a period of time, do you feel any better?

If you think you may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, you should visit your local GP and ask for a “Carboxyhaemoglobin Test”.

What should you do if the CO alarm goes off?

  1. Open doors & windows to ventilate the area.
  2. Where possible turn off all fuelled appliances and stop using them.
  3. Evacuate the area leaving all doors & windows open.
  4. Get medical help immediately for anyone suffering from CO poisoning.
  5. Contact your local fuel supplier and explain the problem.
  6. Do not return to the area until the CO alarm has stopped.
  7. Do not use the appliances again until they have been checked by an expert and any faults are located and repaired.


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