Arctic Hayes 9g Orange Smoke Cartridges (Pack of 10)

9g cartridge which is encapsulated in a polycarbonate plastic sheath. Supplied in a re-sealable plastic pack. Perfect for testing air filters, fume hoods, air balancing and fans. Orange smoke can also be used for photograpy, special effects and more.

  • Approx. 8.5 m3 of dense smoke.
  • Smoke duration 100 seconds.
  • Non-toxic and oil free.
  • Complies with BS5440-1
  • Orange smoke.
  • CE0163
  • For use within mandatory testing of flues, chimneys, pipe and duct work, in accordance with BS-5440-1

(Please note coloured smoke may stain surfaces.)

Directions for use:-

  • Ignite top with a flame, if cartridge burns with an open flame, blow out flame and the cartridge will continue to produce smoke.
  • Place cartridge immediately on a non-flammable base. Do not hold during function.
  • Allow to burn fully.
  • Keep cartridges a minimum of 100mm apart.
  • Dispose of remains safely. Do not touch unit until completely cold.

For more information please go to manufacturers website at Arctic Hayes.